Some Theories and Laws discovered @ SRM University (2010-2014)

SRM_LogoSo As I studied engineering for four years at SRM University. I came across various laws and principle you know but why talk about that?  No, I am not talking about the traditional laws and theories; I am going to talk about theories that are discovered by the students in these four years based on their individual experiences. So here we go

1. Chug’s Law – The term is coined by Pushkar (as far as I know). This law states that

“If chug is pass…. then everyone is pass”

I don’t know how it came but it is believed that if anyone wants to know whether they are pass or not they first try to know whether chug is pass or not and if he is pass then there is nothing to be worry about.

2. Maheshwari Effect – Don’t know where it came from. I think its been realized So,Maheshwari Effect is –

“Every sentence must end with bey… No matter how small the sentence is”

For Example:

1) Kya chal raha hai bey.

2) hum to tabse yahin hai bey.

3) Chodo bey.

4) Abey bey.

Sometimes,this effect is also known as Kaushik Effect. This effect has so much influence that in 2nd year of college almost 80% of the students are under this effect knowingly or accidentally.

3. Rahul’s Principle – This one is established by me and a little technical to understand

“Every Discussion using Rahul as Environment Variables abruptly stops with a return string… Ab Thoda Padh Le

So no matter how crucial the discussion is going and how much we are willing to discuss or immersed in it, If it is with Rahul or in his surrounding the discussion ends in between, with this one sentence and we can’t do anything about this and anything means anything. Although he almost corrected this in his final years. 🙂

That’s all If you know more please let me know in the comment box. Do Like and share

PS: Don’t hunt me down for this. You know its true.

PS: Also Rahul is great at discussions and I had a lot with him. I miss those days