What happened to True Love?

What happened to True Love?

So He likes her, she likes him, also they both know this but wait; they don’t want to be in a relationship. Yes they don’t want to be in a relationship or at least in a long term relationship that leads to anything like marriage.
You must be thinking that they really don’t love each other it’s just that they want time pass relationship (by the way which has become a norm in my generation). But this is also not the case here. They Love but they can’t Love, this is something complex.

I’ve met many people stuck in this type of situation; either they completely don’t allow themselves to fall in love or if they fall by some chance or means they will discuss this first and foremost that they know it’s not going to work, they are not going to marry, So they both take a note of it and walk together in a calculated manner, which is not a love in which you give away what all you have it is more like a partnership or bond.

Yes, so what happened to true love and all that long term relationship and why?

I don’t know what happened to true love but at least after talking to my friends, colleagues and people, I get to know the reason why? So my generation’s difficulty is

Parents and The drama involved in Love Marriage.

Side Note: We know by default that no matter how good the boy or girl is, if it’s Love it’s a BIG NO.

So my generation is so good and respectful that we don’t want to elope because we respect our parents too much and thinking about the entire thing that will happen to them is that we do not consider in any case. This is the good part.
Now the bad part is that we don’t want to take a stand also for our love, we don’t want to convince all, we don’t want to sacrifice; we don’t want to work hard, we don’t want to face outrage nothing. We don’t want to do anything, go through all drama, teaching preaching and endless list.

Finally we think it’s better to convince our self for being with a strange person than convincing parents for our love which takes a hell lot of energy. And that is why WE STOP FALLING IN LOVE.

PS: This is my opinion, everyone has their own so chill and tell me yours, I’ll be happy to listen.
PPS: tell me if you think this is somewhat true but first “Be True to yourself”.