Are Smartphones Really Smart enough ?


I am writing this article after many days in fact after months due to some irresistible and  some of my hated jobs, example is My Exams Shifty. I mean Study is ok but Exams..!! Devil Aaahhh…. But thankfully this did not affect anyone as currently I don’t have a large crazy fan following and if i Go on  like this I’ll never have.. Smile with tongue out

Anyways shifting to my today’s topic which is “Are Smartphones Really Smart Enough ?“; this question actually enter in my mind when i lost my smart phone (i.e Nokia Lumia 610 and its name is Dark Angel in case you wanna know Send a kiss)some days before. and i searched it like a donkey in my whole house and found nowhere. After searching it for more than 2 dirty hours when i finally give up. I was panicked and frustrated so i Move on to my Computer Annoyed

and guess what ?? my phone is peeking me from the side corner of bed under the pillow… i mean what the hell if you are that much close to me so you have to tell me na..!! I mean I am searching for you from the last 2 hours God damm it..!!. And you you are silently watching me running here and there. Are you dumb ?? Say yes you idiot.

I know smart phone can do a lot of things like Web Browsing, multimedia, Office,games,connectivity Blah Blah etc etc. But we can say it a normal mobile phone what is smart if it’s lying beside me and it can’t even tell me that I am here.Huhh.. I will call Smartphone SMART when they will get actually smart like

when i say where are you my angel ??
So my phone must respond with
I am here sweetheart Red heart under your favourite pillow Smile , or
while i driving when i see a sign board and want to take a number from that…
I can say hey Angel write the no 99xxxxxxxx for me in my contact please
and my phone respond Sure Baby.!! why not ??

and all this without pressing any button or language restriction not like SIRI
at least giving them such a beautiful name can be justified then SmileAngel

Expecting that much from today’s technology is not much far I think but for now the only Smart Device, what i think is Dexter’s Computer Computer

300px-QT3000Computer “Computer..!! Locate where DEEDEE is? and what is she doing ??”

Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile