Life @ SRM University – Teaching Style

As I am in my final year @ SRM University and going in for the last semester.. I am thinking about writing the nitty gritty things about my college in crisp concise and direct way for the future student and others who might search on Google for the real McCoy.. 😉

First in the Series is..

How SRM Teachers Complete Their (or Our) Syllabus – Teaching Style ?

This Is Just Introduction, No Need To Teach.
Very Easy Topic, You Can Study On Your Own.
This Has Already Been Discussed In Last Class (Only GOD knows about this class).
This Topic Is Directly Given In Text Book As It Is, So I Don’t Need To Teach It.
Now Who Is Ready To Give Presentation ?

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PS: Don’t Panic  I’ll talk about exceptions later.. If there are any ?
PPS: this is true till 2014 rest i don’t know

Happy Reading Guys

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