Some Theories and Laws discovered @ SRM University (2010-2014)

SRM_LogoSo As I studied engineering for four years at SRM University. I came across various laws and principle you know but why talk about that?  No, I am not talking about the traditional laws and theories; I am going to talk about theories that are discovered by the students in these four years based on their individual experiences. So here we go

1. Chug’s Law – The term is coined by Pushkar (as far as I know). This law states that

“If chug is pass…. then everyone is pass”

I don’t know how it came but it is believed that if anyone wants to know whether they are pass or not they first try to know whether chug is pass or not and if he is pass then there is nothing to be worry about.

2. Maheshwari Effect – Don’t know where it came from. I think its been realized So,Maheshwari Effect is –

“Every sentence must end with bey… No matter how small the sentence is”

For Example:

1) Kya chal raha hai bey.

2) hum to tabse yahin hai bey.

3) Chodo bey.

4) Abey bey.

Sometimes,this effect is also known as Kaushik Effect. This effect has so much influence that in 2nd year of college almost 80% of the students are under this effect knowingly or accidentally.

3. Rahul’s Principle – This one is established by me and a little technical to understand

“Every Discussion using Rahul as Environment Variables abruptly stops with a return string… Ab Thoda Padh Le

So no matter how crucial the discussion is going and how much we are willing to discuss or immersed in it, If it is with Rahul or in his surrounding the discussion ends in between, with this one sentence and we can’t do anything about this and anything means anything. Although he almost corrected this in his final years. 🙂

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PS: Don’t hunt me down for this. You know its true.

PS: Also Rahul is great at discussions and I had a lot with him. I miss those days


Life @ SRM University – Teaching Style

As I am in my final year @ SRM University and going in for the last semester.. I am thinking about writing the nitty gritty things about my college in crisp concise and direct way for the future student and others who might search on Google for the real McCoy.. 😉

First in the Series is..

How SRM Teachers Complete Their (or Our) Syllabus – Teaching Style ?

This Is Just Introduction, No Need To Teach.
Very Easy Topic, You Can Study On Your Own.
This Has Already Been Discussed In Last Class (Only GOD knows about this class).
This Topic Is Directly Given In Text Book As It Is, So I Don’t Need To Teach It.
Now Who Is Ready To Give Presentation ?

Also Read “A Real Independence Day in a Prison”

PS: Don’t Panic  I’ll talk about exceptions later.. If there are any ?
PPS: this is true till 2014 rest i don’t know

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2 Years Before: Same Day “A Real Independence Day in a Prison”

I woke up @ 8:00 pm(Yes !! PM ). Remembering of the same day before 2 years when we were the freshman in the college. There is a kind of terror of seniors due to Ragging thing as we share the same hostel premises with the seniors unfortunately. We fresher’s generally found in groups in college, have fearful faces,have our shirts tucked in,full formal dress as best as professionals who just going for an PI…. try our best not to see any of the face which can call us to give our Intro and also pretend that we are sleeping , lights are off just after we had dinner at soon as clock ticks @ 9:00 pm .

The slightest knock on anyone’s door makes us shiver and tend us to start praying that please not our door, and we try hard to get sleep as we are going to face some demons. We do not roam here and there. We just kept ourselves lock in our room where we think we are safe which is as doubtful as who made the Crop Circles. Aliens or Humans??

That simply means we are not safe. How can weee be; we are in a Real Hell. A goddamm prison.

So on 15 Aug 2010 @ 00:00 AM. Our seniors wake us up; all the student in our Block aprrox. 150 of us and take us to the roof of the Hostel. We were Surprised, nervous and somewhat afraid as we don’t know what they are taking us for. We all stand up in multiple queue.
Now No need to feel terror, The fun was going to started Seniors make us do MarchPast on the whole BIG Roof like an army soldiers ,then the turn of attention, then we sing National Anthem(Jan-Gan-Man),National Song ,Vande Matram etc. etc and after this We all boys sang songs for our Girls Hostel. for them. We Sing many of them including the most leg pulling song believed for girls 😉

“Mere Saamne wali Khidki mein ,Ek chand ka tukda Rehta h

Afsos yeh hai ki who humse kuch ukhda ukhda rehta h”

As we all are switching from one song to another the lights of girl’s hostel room started switching off one by one. We sing aloud we shouted aloud, we dedicated many of the songs and slogans to the girls. We wished Independence day starting from “Bharat Mata” to “Dean” to “Hostel Warden” and especially for our “GIRLS”(Ladkiyou azadi Mubarak hooo…!! 😛).We know that there room’s light are off but they are enjoying somewhere.Smile This makes all the student to scream upto the limit, their mouth can support 😉 :P. After all this we get back to our room all tired and happy.

Upto this day I feel that, that Independence day is the most remember able one and joyful one and I don’t think so, that we get so much in the near future. As in our College “Ragging is strictly prohibited Now ;)”. The new fresher’s miss that, all the fun we Enjoyed thanks to the SENIORS.

PS:Ragging is not all that bad,if its limited to Introduction and having some Fun in limits, it is meant to enjoy