No pain No gain ;)

Sometimes thinking about THE Pain, I think whether all the pain hurts so much? I mean, Is there any pain exists which are enjoyable and we want them in our life? So I started thinking about it and I realises some of them really are enjoyable and beneficial for us. And we love to live with them and experience them around our life. After all “No Pain NO Gain”Winking smile

clip_image002The Bumps given by your friends on your Birth day Open-mouthed smile. Although your birthday is for one day only, but the ache u got remains there for several.. Don’t you think the Bumps u got on your Birthday is the most memorable birthday of yours? And you laugh still, while remembering it.

clip_image004The Headache you got after talking whole night with your Loved One. Sometime talking to our soul mate/girlfriend/Loved one whole night creates a severe ache in our head then also we don’t stop talking we don’t even let other person know that we are having a painful headache just because we love that person so much that we don’t want to end the Conversation. We just want to be with him/her and “Nothing else matters”.

clip_image006The Period Day of Women. For some it is very painful and for some it is like just any other day. For the pain bearing ladies To make you happy Here are some cool benefits of your period –

Your period can release frustration and anger, It Improves your mood and appearance, Your period can slow the aging process, It lead to more satisfaction in the bedroom.(As this is not the periods dedicated blog for interested one’s Winking smile )

clip_image008The Pain of women while giving birth to her child. While the pain is unbearable for any girl but after giving the birth she is the happiest women in the world. She creates a “New life” and only a girl can do this. Also Acc. to Research Childbirth may be painful but this pain can strengthen a mother’s bond with her baby and prepare her for the demands of motherhood. So be happy dear Party smile

clip_image010My favourite Hickey Secret telling smile. A hickey is mark caused given by your Lover/partner by kissing or sucking of the skin. Although it hurt sometime and get you a burning pain but it’s a visible way to show that you are sexually active. You can say it a stamp of passion. Don’t you want a stamp from your loved one that symbolises that you are of your partner only and proudly flaunt it among your Friends? 😉

Maybe you have some more enjoyable Pain to share With us.. Let us know


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