The Thing you really can’t control….

Yes, there are the things in this world u really can’t control… Something’s which may happen anytime to u; has no particular age and has no time limits. .The emotion that make u truly Strong, truly weak from soul, mind heart and rest of the body part too (yes especially hormonal one’s). Even the Quote

“Prevention is better than Cure”

proves to be failed in this case. because there is neither prevention available nor cure to this dreadful disease. It’s unbelievable but doctors too are neither interested in finding the Cure as it is somewhere the only reason for the survival and issueless continuation of our Species. And somewhere in life they are also a victim. So u can’t really escape this At some point in life it must enforces in your life and tickle you all over.

Upto this time you’ve guessed it, I think; if not then for the Tube lights. It’s LUST.I mean LOVE  😛 .Believe me its easy to control LUST \m/. So once You’ve tasted the aroma of it no doctor in this world has the ability to recover u from this Strange disease. Yes I said strange coz You love it ,You hate it and You get really confused about it (like me :D) Maybe you’ll feel like You are a Crazy elephant wildly roaming in the city .

Currently I am pursuing a Research on it(Don’t be Serious).But what I think If it is true it is the strongest bond present on Earth(as NASA doesn’t reveal much about the universe so) anyways leave the crap…

Of all ; The most irritating and excruciating one is Unrequited Love (I’m not going to define this, use links 🙂 ) because it builds feel of depression and low self-esteem which force you to “Love to hate Love” Unrequited Love is mostly influenced by Platonic friendship(Suggestion: Beware of it) and like all ”” IT  H-A-P-P-E-N-S “”  :@ and the reason why I am driveling on this for so long is because I know the hurt. The situation is like you can’t leave it, you can’t keep it. In fact you are in a Real Hell…..

So you see nothing is in Control… BTW I would love to hear what’s your call on this-
Someone realizes it before me 😉

“ishq par zor naheeN, hai ye woh aatish ‘GHalib’

        ki  lagaaye  na  lage  aur  bujhaaye  na  bane”



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